CV for Henrik Staun Poulsen

You have before you an experienced Database Developer and architect. I have an extensive knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, which I have spoken about at conferences.

I am an active user of Stack Overflow, where my current score place me in the top 3% worldwide.

I participate in the development of a popular Open Source tool called ”Sp_blitz”, where I have programmed the conversion to Azure SQL Database. I do this because I am motivated by helping others.

The SQL Server is often the most expensive software (7000$ per core) in the company, and I help with maximising the outcome of this investment, by identifying the worst performing code and suggesting alternative methods.

I have seen many different databases, and I am able to suggest solutions, which provides the company the necessary information with a sufficient accuracy and minimal latency.

There are very many components in Azure, and they are not all mature and well tested.

I have 2 years of fulltime experience on Azure SQL Database and Azure Analysis Services (SSAS), so I can help you building things that work.

Henrik Staun Poulsen